Important information on how to proceed if damages occur

  1. The insured party is obliged to report all damages to the insurer without delay. In cases of damages resulting from fire and explosion, theft, burglary, robbery, piracy, misappropriation and fraudulent acquisition, the insured party must also place charges with the local police without delay.
  2. The insured party is obliged to independently undertake any reasonable measures which are considered appropriate to prevent and reduce the extent of damage. If the insurer provides instructions to this effect, the insured party is required to follow such instructions.
  3. The insured party is obliged to submit to the insurer detailed and truthful reports of the damages incurred, and to provide at the request of the insurer any information, which according to the insurer, is deemed necessary in order to determine the extent of the insured damages and the appropriate compensation. At the request of the insurer, the insured party is required to furnish documentation, provided that the procurement of such documentation is reasonable.
  4. If any of the obligations set forth in No. 1 to No. 3 are not observed, the insurer shall not be obliged to provide compensation in accordance with the legal stipulations (in particular §§ 6, 62 VVG). Click here for several more measures you should take to ensure the fast processing of your claim.
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